What is the Best Whey Protein?

We already know that whey protein is the best form of protein supplementation in the long-run. It has the highest biological value and the fullest amino acid profile, has the best cost/value, is estrogen free (unlike soy!), and can be highly filtered and purified to fit various dietary needs.

All of these factors make whey protein the most important tool – besides your training and a diet full of WHOLE foods – to build muscle or simply “lean down”.

But of all the products on the site, what is the Best Whey Protein on the market?!

It honestly depends on what your exact goals are, and what you’re looking for, but there are two proteins that keep coming up, whether you’re looking for quality, taste, or value:

What is the Best Whey Protein? MTS Machine Whey – Quality, Taste, AND Value

So what is the best whey protein and why? According to most whey protein product reviews, including our own, the leading whey protein powder for 2012 (and beyond) is MTS Machine Whey.

MTS Machine Whey – Quality and Certification

First, let’s talk about the quality.

Is your protein NSF Certified? Is it produced in a GMP facility? MTS Whey is. What this means is that MTS Nutrition gaurantees that what you read on the label is what you get. This is why it’s “NSF Certified for Sport” — it is produced in such a restricted environment that there is no chance any banned substances (or other nasty contaminants!) can possibly get into the product.

This isn’t just good for athletes who are under drug testing restrictions – it’s good for anyone who wants protein and not a bunch of crap like ash… or worse!

I’ve been through buckets of this stuff, and it’s always the same, every time. 5lbs is 5lbs. If you’ve ever ordered a tub of protein and received it half full… you know what I’m talking about. Save your rage for the gym – you won’t need it when you open a can of this stuff.

MTS Whey – The Taste

Second, we need to talk about MTS’s taste. Yes, I know that there’s only chocolate and vanilla. If you need blue raspberry blow-pop flavor protein, then find something else on this site. But damn, did MTS founder Marc Lobliner NAIL it on these two – the tried and true.

Sure, chocolate is easy. Nearly everyone has a good chocolate, and MTS is no different.

But for me, it’s the VANILLA that absolutely blew my mind. I’ve never gone through a 5lb tub of vanilla and wanted more. Typically, it’s so artificial and disgusting that I’m done with it by the 10th scoop. Sometimes you gag upon the smell (*cough* ON 100% Whey *cough*)…

I don’t know what Lobliner did differently, and I don’t care since it’s NSF-certified. It tastes PHENOMENAL. You can mix this vanilla protein with anything — and not to mask a nasty taste like the competitor’s vanillas — but to enhance the fruit or coffee or peanut butter or whatever you’re mixing it with.

Not only that, but this is a very versatile type of powder. You can use it to make awesome sludge or brownies. See the video below for the sludge recipe – this stuff is an AWESOME little change-up, and I’ve tried it with other proteins and have completely failed.

By the way, that’s Marc Lobliner above. The guy who made the protein. He’s not just a geek in a labcoat (he’ll perform that role when in the lab), he walks the walk too.

Machine Whey – The Value

As I type this, it’s $44.99 for 5lbs of certified protein. You’re not going to find that at your local store – end of story. It was originally introduced at this price too, so this price has been stable (of course, it could change) but the fact is, this is a steal at either of those prices.

This concludes my piece on MTS Whey. If you’re a vanilla person, get vanilla. If you’re a chocolate person… get one chocolate and one vanilla and you will thank me later.

Click Here to Buy MTS Machine Whey and get started on your goals, whether you’re building muscle or simply leaning down. And don’t forget to check out Marc’s FREE E-Book, Fat Loss Factor, on how to put it all together!

Other Best Whey Proteins

So I did mention that there is another protein that is recommended for certain situations.

The one issue where MTS Machine Whey could cause you a problem is if you’re extremely lactose intolerant and can’t handle some of the lactose from the whey protein concentrate in the Machine Whey. In that case, you need a full, 100% whey protein isolate.

Our recommendation for this is Cellucor Super Sport, which is from a well-trusted manufacturer, comes with a shaker and a deal on C4 Extreme, and has no whey concentrates but similarly high reviews.

More money? Definitely. A few less immune-boosting immunoglobulins like lactoferrin? Yes. Tastes a bit worse? Unfortunately, yes again. But all isolates and no lactose for those of us with very sensitive stomachs? You got it.

You can read more about Cellucor Super Sport or Buy Super Sport from the cheapest store here.

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Note: The rest of this write-up is from an older writer. You can read it if you like – we don’t like to delete old content – but most of it has already been stated above.

What is the Best Whey Protein? MTS Machine Whey: Ingredients Used

MTS Nutrition Machine Whey easily answers the question: “what is the best whey protein?” This effective whey protein supplement is packed with all the right ingredients that ensure that consumers will get the best whey protein for building muscle while also helping them lose weight. This whey protein supplement contains 25 grams of protein per serving which is a sufficient amount to help individuals with their lean muscle building activities.

MTS Machine Whey also makes use of only the best quality ingredients that promotes a healthier well-being. These ingredients are packed with immune-system immunoglobulins from high quality whey concentrate – including lactoferrin – and its whey is the best source of the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). These components help the body by promoting an increased lean muscle building as well as damaged or worn out tissue repair. Daily use of this great tasting whey protein isolate supplement promotes a stronger endurance, increased energy and strength, and speeds up the recovery period from rigorous physical activities such as body building and hard training programs.

The Best Whey Protein: MTS Nutrition Machine Whey and Its Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why many people believe that the MTS Machine Whey is the best whey protein powder for men and women. One of these reasons is due to the fact that Machine Whey makes use of only the best quality ingredients such as whey isolate protein. Whey isolate protein is the purest and the most unadulterated form of protein, thus, it is also the most expensive source of high quality protein. Whey protein isolate contains numerous major amino acids that the body needs in order to build and develop muscles as well as to repair tissues. This fast acting drink enables quick absorption of all the nutrients it provides, thus helping maximize the body’s ability to retain nitrogen. This results is an increased muscle growth and recovery.

This powdered drink is also instantized, making it very easy to mix, serve, and drink. While the different flavors taste like delicious ice cream shake, it does not contain the same amount of carbohydrates, calories, fats, and sugars that most other shakes are known for. It is aspartame-free, guaranteeing its consumers that their blood sugar levels will not be affected by globs of sugar. This whey protein supplement can also be taken as a pre-workout or post-workout nutrition for optimum muscle building and fast weight loss results.

MTS Machine Whey: The Best Whey Protein Powder and Its Price

Since MTS Machine Whey delivers only the highest quality and the best tasting whey protein isolate supplement, the price tag that is attached to it is very reasonable. Price should be one of the most important considerations in choosing the best whey protein product, thus, consumers should not sacrifice quality over price. However, being expensive does not mean that a product is of high quality. This is why MTS Machine Whey is the best whey protein powder for men and women, the best whey protein for weight loss, and the best whey protein for building muscle. Its high quality ingredients and components make it an affordable whey protein isolate product that is worth your every penny.

What is the Best Whey Protein? Cellucor Super Sport: Another Good Choice

Although MTS Machine Whey provides all the answers to the question: “what is the best whey protein?” there is another product that is worth investing on. This is the Cellucor Super Sport Whey Protein Isolate. Cellucor’s latest and greatest is also a good choice that offers numerous health benefits as well. It only makes use of pure whey protein isolates and an ingredient profile that makes it one of the best tasting whey protein products out there – but without the lactose and milk sugars that could get to those of us who are slightly lactose intolerant.

Cellucor Super Sport whey protein isolate is an ideal post workout nutrition that will not only effectively help you build lean muscle mass, but will also assist your body to lose weight by shedding off excess fats. It also contains abundant amounts of amino acids. The ingredient profile of MTS Whey is “better” in that the proteins are more broad-range and there’s more “lactoglobulins” that boost the immune system, but if you can’t handle whey protein concentrate due to it having a dash of lactose in it, then try this one out. It does cost you more though.

Despite the fact that the Super Sport is sugar free and fat free, all the flavors that this whey protein isolate product is available in are guaranteed to be great tasting. These flavors include chocolate and vanilla, and both taste ridiculous (again, I like vanilla for this one a bit better).

So, what is the best whey protein for men (and women too)?! It comes down to MTS Nutrition Machine Whey and Cellucor Super Sport, depending on your total needs.

There are a lot of reasons why more and more consumers are looking for health supplements that contain whey protein isolates. Whey protein offers numerous health benefits due to its abundant amino acid content. Whey protein is also very important since it helps build muscle and repair damaged tissues which are common in hard training individuals, body builders, and professional athletes. Because of the demand for whey protein, a lot of health and energy supplement manufactures are coming up with different whey protein products. Since there are now a great number of whey protein supplements, consumers are faced with the question “what is the best whey protein?

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